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LR-PS-90 The Safety Issues of Operation

Date Posted:2012-11-26 Clicks:311

1. Please make sure the power supply is stable enough. If the voltage of the electric network is low, some abnormal phenomena may happen to this machine.
2. For the safety of the operational workers, please make sure the whole machine is grounded separately. The connection method of using one wire as the zero wire and the ground wire is forbidden.
3. After connected to the general power supply, all the cooling fans (air curtain) of the machine will be started. Make sure all the cooling devices work normally. If something unusual found, please have the fans (air curtain) repaired or replaced. Otherwise, after a long time running, it will be broken down for the bad heat dissipation of the parts.
4. Notice! Before the cloth is loaded, please don’t use the ultrasonic for the “idle sealing”, which will result in the scars to the mould head caused by the idle extrusion between the pressing cutter and ultrasonic dies.
5. Before starting the machine, make sure whether there are counterworking things in all parts and whether the loading of the steel wires and the cloth is right.
6. In the course of running, please keep an eye on the change of the pressure of the air supply. If the pressure is too low, the reaction of the air valve and cylinder will become slow. As a result, something abnormal will happen. The ideal pressure is 0.70.8mpa.
7. Before maintenance, cut off the power and air supply.
8. Turn off the machine when out of cloth. Please turn off the ultrasonic power first before turning off the machine.
9. Remember not to cut off the power supply when the air supply is on. Otherwise it’ll be easy to clamp the hands.
10. When sealing the nonwoven cloth by hand, be careful with the left and right hand switch. Don’t touch it casually. Otherwise it’s very easy to clamp the hands.
11. Don’t put your hand within the operation area of the cylinder under the situation of loitering. Otherwise it’s easy to have the hands clamped when the power is cut.
12. Be careful not to touch the springs that just finish heat treatment, or it’ll be very easy to have your hands scalded.
13. Make sure to adjust the phase sequence of the power supply every time the power supply environment is to be changed.
14. Please don’t turn on the conglutination machine when the temperature of the hot glue is not high enough ( i.e. in the state of fusion).
15. To achieve operational safety and prevent accidents from happening, have the conglutination machine connected with the power supply first and then the air supply when starting the machine. And cut off the air supply first and the power supply when turning off the machine.
16. Please be attention that when the three drive electrical machines stop respectively, the green indicating light of the green starting button should be off!!! If the light is still on, it indicates that a certain electrical machine cannot stop running when it should be in the halting state. At this moment, the operator should press the urgent stop button, turn off the power, and examine the reason of the faults. Otherwise, this will burn down and totally damage the certain electrical machine!!!
When the electrical machine for driving the belt works, the green indicating light is flashing and shining.

mattress machine

When the electrical machine for both driving the gull box dolly and cutting the mattresses work, the green indicating light is shinning but not flashing.
Generally speaking, the faults are due to the following reasons, firstly, damage of the corresponding halting travel switches and the relay; secondly, the wrong adjusting of the position of the halting travel switches.


Mattress machine