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The Faults and Diagnoses of the LR-PS-90

Date Posted:2012-11-28 Clicks:335

1. When the spring machine is in operation, the wire feeding device ( i.e. the wire rack ) works slower or faster.
Resolution: Adjust the frequency parameters of the transducer to have it correspond to the spring machine.


2. When the machine is in operation, the springs in the heat treatment device are stuck.
Reason: It may be the reason that either the height or the diameter of the springs manufactured by the spring machine is larger. Or the shapes of the two ends of the springs are changed.
Resolution: Adjust the height, size of the spring and the shape of the two ends.


3. The cylinder works out of phase.
Reason: Some PLC parameters are inaccurate.
Resolution: Please correct the PLC parameters.


4. The cylinder works slower or faster, which disturbs the operational correspondence.
Resolution: Adjust the throttle to its normal situation.


5. The cylinder works abnormally.
Resolution: Have a check on the cylinder and the electromagnetic valve to make sure whether the cylinder is out of position. Replace it with a new one.


6. When the springs are fed into the mechanism, the springs are stuck.
Reason: A, The springs that drop from the conveyer belt lean.
Resolution: Adjust the length and degree of the spring apron to have it drop properly.
Reason: B, The landscape spring thruster cylinder fails to push the springs thoroughly into the guiding spring groove of the Ushape guiding cloth tube.
Resolution: Turn up the air supply to get adequate pressure.
Reason: C, Both spring pressing cylinders are pressed too hard or too loosely.
Resolution: Adjust the distance between the two cylinders to achieve a reasonable tightness.
Reason: D, The cylinder works out of phase.
Resolution: Adjust the PLC parameters to achieve a normal time difference.


7. The result of the ultrasonic sealing is not tight or some steps are omitted.
Reason: The voltage is too high or too low. The press of the cylinder is not enough. The sealing time is too short or the ultrasonic is not grounded.
Resolution: Stable electrical network or voltage is required. Adjust the press or the sealing time to make sure the ultrasonic system is grounded indeed.


8. Noises occur in the course of ultrasonic sealing.
Reason: The press of the cylinder is too big or the nonwoven cloth is too thin, which results in a over long sealing time. It may also be caused by the imbalance of the dies and sealing cutter.
Mould head is loose.
Resolution: According to the requirement, be ready for the gear adjustment.


mattress machine

mattress machine


9. The finished pocket spring sacks are too tight.
Reason: A, Check whether the nonwoven cloth on the plaiting rack is too tight.
Resolution: Move the guiding cloth shield on the plaiting rack to proper position and adjust the tightness of the cloth.
Reason: B, The feeding capacity of the feeding and delivering device is too small.
Resolution: Adjust the 限位of the corresponding cylinders. If it is too loose, please adjust according to the opposite of the above.


10. After the treatment, the springs will be too hard and easy to break.
Reason: The time for heat treatment lasts too long and the temperature is too high.
Resolution: Adjust the time of the time relay of the heat treatment.


11. After the treatment, the springs are too soft. The springs become shorter after compressed.
Reason: The time for heat treatment is too short or the quality of the steel wire is not good.
Resolution: Extend the time for treatment and enhance the intensity of the shaping or replace with proper steel wires.



mattress machine