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LR-PS-90 Matters noticed before the machine started

Date Posted:2012-11-28 Clicks:199

① Before starting the machine, every shift(or every 8 hours of working period) must pay close attention to the lubrication of the parts, such as the conveyer chain, the gearbox, the axletrees, the gears, the sliding axles, the sliders and the cylinders, etc. Make sure there is enough butter for lubrication for all of these parts. Especially be careful the place where to add butter is around the principal axis of the coiling spring machine as shown in the following picture (once every 3 hours in the working period). However, when adding butter, be careful not to have the butter splashed to the piezoelectric ceramic of the ultrasonic inverting pole (as shown in the picture). Otherwise it will damage the inverting pole.

         once every 3 hours in the working period
                  add butter to these two holes
                                                                                                                                  Piezoelectric Ceramic DO NOT OIL                     
                       mattress machine                                                                 mattress machine

mattress machine                                                                                                                                 
② Before starting the machine, every shift have a damage check to the vulnerable parts and examine the running state of the cooling fan. And make sure whether the trachea and the cylinders leak, etc. All these problems must be tackled first, or they will put a direct influence on the normal function and the lifespan of the machine.
③ Make sure the installment of the protective sensor and the functional sensor of the whole machine haven’t become loose. And give them a check of sensitivity! The loss of protective functions will do great harm to the machine. So these checks are very necessary before starting the machine.

☆ Before switching off the machine after work, make sure to cut off the air supply first, then the power supply. When starting the machine, make sure to turn on the power supply first, then the air supply (when the cloth doesn’t need to be reset). Make sure the sanitary work done well.



mattress machine