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Mattress machine - The Technical Materials and Functions of LR-PS-90

Date Posted:2012-11-29 Clicks:259

Mattress machine

A:The common parameters and functions
 ——Spring Production Type: the cylinder and the drum shape
 ——Waist Diameter of the Spring:Ф      Ф     mm
 ——Spring Caliber: Spring Waist Diameter minus (0~15mm)
 ——Steel wire diameter: Ф1.9Ф2.2mm
 ——Height of the pocket spring:      ±5      ±5mm
The above maximum numbers need to be acceptable for the springs. 
 ——Width of the nonwoven cloth:  Max. 480mm
 ——Thickness of the nonwoven cloth: 50100g/m^2
 ——Diameter of the nonwoven cloth roller: Max. 500mm
 ——Average efficiency: 43 pieces/min

            mattress machine

Mattress machine

B: Power Supply and Power Consumption:
1. Power supply:                                380V of threephasefourwire
2. Power consumption of the whole machine (the Power consumption of the air supple excluded):  4.8KVA
3. The demanding capacity of tolerance(compress air) 80M^3/h, 0.65 ~ 0.7 Mpa
Notice: If the air pressure meter is less than 0.55 Mpa when the machine is running, it can’t be used.

C: The working environment and the preservation
1. Running Temperature                              10℃— 40℃
2. Environmental Humidity                           095℃,RH nondew@ 55℃
3. Working Environment                              without corrosive gas and conductible impurity dust
4. Preservation Environment                         ventilative and dry, 10℃—50℃,
                                                                   Strong direct sunlight is prohibited.



Mattress machine