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LR-PS-90P Specifications for the principles of the catch testing

Date Posted:2012-11-30 Clicks:225

 mattress machine

The cylinder pole and the sliding axis are fixed on the pawl coaxially. The slides, installed in the front of the cylinder, play a guiding role for the sliding axis and prevent the pawl swinging. When the pawl is driven to move toandfro by the cylinder, the slide axis also move toandfro. The approach switch clamped on the cylinder can test the absence or the reposition of the sliding axis; when the spring is stuck, the pawl can’t push to the end. The sliding axis can’t get rid of the test of the approach switch. During the 0.1 second before the pawl repositions from backward, the computer will send a testing order. If the front catch approach switch is found still in the operating state, it’s defined that the spring is stuck and the urgent order of halt will be sent.


mattress machine


  Notice: The distance between the front catch approach switch and the sliding axis is: 1mm ≤ d ≤ 3mm. After the installment, the green light of the approach switch will be turned on and the spring washer will become tight. This front catch approach switch is very important for the protection of the machine!! Every shift must have a check before starting the machine.


mattress machine