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Spring Machine

LR-PS-HX Automatic Pocket Spring Machine

◆High Efficiency
LR-PS-HX-DS (Dorsal seal) up to 70 springs/min
LR-PS-HX-BS(Bottom seal) up to 75 springs/ min
◆High Stability , Low malfunction rate , Low rejection rate
◆CE-Conform ,International standard components
◆Elective bottom seal or dorsal seal

◆Unique patented computerized coiler (computerized numerical control system /CNC) / Coiler is full-controlled by servo and without cam / Easy and quick to change the dimension of spring by only changing the parameters in the computer
◆Saves up to 15 types of springs in different dimensions / produces different springs one by one continuously
◆Cutter to divide the pocket springs into rows automatically (except bottom seal)
◆Intelligent sensors can check malfunctions all the time / Display replica watches corresponding alarm on the HIM duly / one operator can run several sets of LR-PS-HX alone
◆Unique patented spring conveyor design increases productivity and efficiency
◆Compact design / mechanical conveyor are controlled by servo / Accurate motions
◆Very operator user-friendly non-woven joint device / save time and non-woven
◆Ultrasonic horn is made of Titanium / Durable and Firm
◆Low and easy maintenance
◆Spare parts are“off the shelf”

Type of Spring Barrel/Cylindrical
Fabric material


Fabric roll Diameter Max . 600mm
Power Supply Approx 3φ 380V 50/60Hz 15KVA Input fuse 63A
Air consumption Approx .3m3/h 0.8mpa
Performance LR-PS-HX-DS(dorsal seal) 70 springs /minute
LR-PS-HX-BS (bottom seal) 75 springs /minute
Working temperature +5℃ to + 45℃
Weight Approx . 2320kg