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Rolling and Packing Machine

LR-KP-15P Automatic Foam Kneading&Packing Machine

mattress machine 床垫机械

Save storage and delivery cost


Perfect seal of film provides more security in storage & delivery


CE-Conform / International standard components

Accept all kinds of finished mattresses (without frame)and soft cushions made from sponge, simplify mattresses delivery, save storage and delivery cost


Available wrapper : PE, PVC, PU


Continuous heat seal bars to make perfect seal


Compact design minimizes floor space


Low and easy maintenance


Easy to operate / short training period



Mattress width 1950~2200mm
Mattress length 1500~2300mm
Mattress height 100-450 mm
Performance 1.2units/minute
Air consumption 20 m3/h 0.7mpa
power supply Approx. 3φ 380V 50/60Hz 4KVA Input fuse 63A
Working temperature +5℃ to + 45℃
Weight Approx. 3200Kg