How to Choose a Mattress


Guangzhou Lianrou Machinery Equipment Co, Ltd, focusing on mattress equipment manufacturing for more than 30 years, is a company dedicated to the research, development and sales of automatic production equipment for upholstered furniture, and its related technology is a world leader in its industry field.

As a professional upholstered furniture equipment research and development manufacturer, the company has also carried out a series of long-term and in-depth research on the finished mattress, in order to make a market demand and popular equipment. Has cooperated with a number of world-renowned upholstery companies in the research and development of mattress products, and developed the corresponding automatic production equipment. Has over 200 patents for mattresses and upholstered furniture.

Next, Lianrou Machinery will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of various mattresses from a professional point of view, to help consumers choose the right mattress rationally.

Ⅰ、Mattress Categories

1.Latex Mattress

2.Foam Mattress

3.Spring mattress (bonnel spring, pocket spring)

4.Palm Mattress

5.Composite mattress (that is, the above several structures of the random collocation combination, such as coconut palm + spring, latex + spring, sponge + spring. Compensate for the disadvantages of each, focus on the recommended) 

6. Other niche mattress types such as inflatable mattresses and water mattresses.

Ⅱ、Mattress Features

1.Latex mattress (natural latex)

Advantages: antibacterial, anti-mite, no mould or stains, better comfort. Latex sap has a very important feature is that it will emit the smell of mosquitoes do not want to approach, so latex mattresses have a certain anti-insect function.

Disadvantages: expensive, relatively poor breathability, poor support, and the proliferation of fake products, the real natural latex is very little, most of them are hooked, easy to age, chalking, part of the population allergies.

Applicable people: suitable for light weight people. Large weight and cervical lumbar spine bad crowd is not suitable for use, because the latex supportability is poor, weight is too large the deeper the compression. Please be careful if you are allergic to latex.

2.Foam Mattress

Advantages: cheap, soft, lightweight, variety, the material of memory foam can make the parts of the body in contact with the bed for a long time in a pressure-free state, does not impede blood circulation, is not easy to produce fatigue and pain, to reduce the number of unnecessary turning during sleep.

Disadvantages: not durable, easily deformed, poor support, moisture absorption, poor breathability.

Applicable people: suitable for young people with light weight. Not suitable for children and the elderly, as it affects the growth and development in children and causes lumbar problems in the elderly.


3. Spring mattress (bonnel spring, pocket spring)

Bonnel spring mattresses, with the advantages of durability, breathability, cheap, but its comfort is poor, easy to collapse in the middle, shaking noise is obvious, in recent years has been on the verge of elimination.

Pocket spring mattress:

Advantages: good elasticity, good support, breathable and durable, suitable for a wide range of people, better anti-disturbance.

Disadvantages: almost no disadvantages, the only disadvantage is that some high-density spring mattresses are heavier and inconvenient to move.

Applicable people: applicable to all people. There are different soft hardness, different densities, soft and hard zoning, ergonomic customisation and other pocket spring mattresses to meet the use of all people.


4.Palm Mattress

Palm mattresses are divided into mountain palm and coconut palm, both of similar quality and production process.

Advantages: cheap; better toughness, not afraid of bending; good anti-mite effect; high breathability; natural materials.

Disadvantages: hard, the production process requires glue bonding compression, easy to produce excessive formaldehyde; high production process requirements, if the process is not up to standard, not to do sugar removal treatment will be damaged by worms; the use of the environment requirements are high. Once damp, it will breed bacteria and mould, etc.

Applicable people: the elderly and children are more suitable.


5.Composite mattress

Combining the characteristics of different materials, the mattress core is made of independent spring unit for support, and the surface comfort layer is selected from latex, foam and coconut palm, which improves the performance of the mattress while reducing the cost of the mattress.

Advantages: combines the characteristics of spring mattresses, latex mattresses, foam mattresses and palm mattresses, combining the advantages of several mattresses in one.

Disadvantages: none

Suitable for: all people, choose the softness and hardness that suits you.


6. Other niche mattress types such as inflatable mattresses and water mattresses.

Niche mattresses have higher requirements for the use of the place, conditions of use, etc., the range of users is also narrower, and their use and maintenance is more complicated, and there is no advantage over the above-mentioned mattresses.

Ⅲ、Mattress choice

A composite mattress, which combines the characteristics of different mattresses, is the best choice. Choose the right latex, foam or palm mattress and pocket spring mattress core to create the best mattress. Both comfortable and cost effective, this type of mattress is currently the mainstream product on the market. The second choice is the pocket spring mattress, which is used by almost all types of people.

、Mattress key factors

In fact, affect the mattress good or bad, as well as the overall experience, is the surface comfort layer and the core support layer. The decisive factor is mainly the core support layer, now the mainstream mattresses are used independent pocket spring bed core, independent pocket spring performance, spring support, spring density, spring and compression degree, etc. have played a positive role in the comfort of the mattress.

As a leading company in the upholstery industry, Lianrou Machinery's main products include pocket spring machine, pocket spring assembly machine, all kinds of automatic mattress roll-packing machine, etc.

In 2023, the company focused on recommending the LR-PSA-GLL non-glue spring unit production line, which is the first equipment in the industry to achieve fully automatic production of non-glue spring units. During the production process, the equipment adopts a four-leaf clover arrangement structure to produce the non-glue spring unit, changing the traditional way of gluing pocket spring rows into spring units, producing spring units that don't need to be glued, and by using ultrasonic welding in the whole process, it makes the spring unit structure more stable and environmentally friendly, as well as reducing the cost of materials used in the production of spring units, and reducing the release of formaldehyde, benzene and other hazardous substances in the glue. This equipment produces a non-glue spring unit for the core support layer of the mattress, making the mattress more environmentally friendly, healthier and more comfortable.


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