Won the 24th China Patent Award of Excellence


Patent name: a new type of pocket spring production and manufacturing device and pocket spring production method, Patent No.: ZL201410172088.5

The patented technology provides a new type of pocket spring production and manufacturing equipment and a pocket spring production method, so that the compressed spring inserted into the cloth bag after winding and cooling can be automatically reversed and suddenly released, causing the cloth bag to swell and expand.

Compared with the prior art, the production efficiency of the pocket spring is increased by one time, and the production process avoids the breakage of the cloth bag, which greatly improves the yield rate. It solves the pocket spring production process, low efficiency, easy to scratch the bag, and the spring compression direction can not be consistent with the direction of the bag, can not be efficient continuous automated production problems. So that a variety of functions of the pocket spring can be efficient and high-quality production, reducing the cost of pocket springs.


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