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Lianrou Machinery Sourcing Platform (, one-stop sourcing for upholstery equipment products, which can meet all kinds of upholstery furniture production requirements. With high quality and a wide range of products, it is very convenient to purchase. After-sales service network around the world, and remote online after-sales commissioning operation and maintenance, to ensure worry-free after-sales.

Established in 2005, Guangzhou Lianrou Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company engaged in the research, development, production and sales of automatic upholstered furniture production equipment. As a leading company in the field of intelligent upholstered furniture production equipment, a technology leader in the industry, and a pioneer in the field of automatic pocket spring upholstery production equipment, we have been dedicated to the research, development and production of high-quality CNC upholstery production equipment for many years. The first double-layer pocket spring production technology, green glue-free pocket spring bed net production line technology and other industry-leading technologies.

The related upholstery equipment sells well in more than 80 countries and regions such as Europe, North America, South America, Southeast Asia, etc. Major customers include IKEA, Sealy, Yalan, Simmons, Serta and other internationally renowned home furnishing companies.

At present, the company has successfully applied for more than 100 patents in this field, among which 43 patents of invention, 55 utility models and 47 PCT applications have been approved, 9 patents have been internationally approved and 3 international trademarks have been registered. With R&D qualifications such as Provincial Industrial Design Centre, Provincial Enterprise Technology Centre and Provincial Engineering Research Centre, the company has strong R&D and design capabilities.

1.Pocket Spring Machine Series

The world's most productive pocket spring machine, the LR-PS-EV280, with a maximum productivity of 280 springs/minute and a compact, space-saving design.

High-speed pocket spring machine LR-PS-D220, double line feed, can produce a variety of zoned pocket spring bed net, the highest production efficiency 220 springs / min.

The LR-PS-UMS/UMD high compression pocket spring machine, available in both single and double wire zone versions, has a spring pre-compression of more than 50%, allowing the production of bed nets comparable to those produced with thicker wire diameters, using finer steel wire diameters, resulting in lighter nets and lower production costs.

High density pocket spring machine LR-PS-HMS/HMD, available in single and double wire zone models, with ultra high height/diameter ratio and ultra comfort. Special equipment for high end pocket spring mattresses, 3000-4000 springs per mattress.

Composite comfort layer pocket spring machine (Cloud Spring) LR-PS-CL, comfort layer and pocket springs in a single process, the equipment production of pocket springs into pocket springs welded at both ends of the comfort layer of material, the formation of the bed net, without the need to bond the sponge and other comfort layer of material that is a complete mattress. And the inner spring is arranged at an angle, saving 1/3 of the spring. The special arrangement structure can be freely bent and can be used for electric beds, sofa beds, etc

Pillow pocket spring machine LR-PS-OVMS, ultra miniature, specialised for thin cushions and pillows, produces a wide range of miniature pocket spring cushions for pillow support layers, which are comfortable and breathable. It can also be used for all kinds of backrests and cushions.


2.Pocket spring assembly machine series

All-in-one LR-PSA-109P pocket spring bed net six-side assembly machine, after the spring rows are glued into the bed net, the foam is automatically glued on the six sides of the bed net, and the assembly of the comfort layer of the mattress is completed in the gluing machine process, which is efficient and convenient.

Ultra High Speed Pocket Spring Assembly Machine LR-PSA-99EX, the highest productivity in the industry, with an assembly efficiency of 1050 springs/minute. Adopting double row feeding design, bonding two spring rows at the same time, faster speed, bonding more than 30 rows per minute. It can meet the bonding of spring rows produced by 2-4 pocket spring machines.

High speed pocket spring assembly machine LR-PSA-99P, fully automatic intelligent gluing, high efficiency and stability, easy to operate, gluing efficiency 700 springs/minute.

The LR-PSA-97P all-in-one manual and automatic pocket spring assembly machine, equipped with two loading modes, can be used for fully automatic and intelligent gluing or can be replaced by semi-automatic manual placement of spring rows. The manual operation allows the gluing of certain special features of pocket spring bed nets.

Semi-automatic pocket spring assembly machine LR-PSA-75P, manual loading and placement of pocket spring rows, can handle a variety of special sizes, special features pocket spring bed net bonding.


3.Pocket spring production line series

Double-layer pocket spring production line LR-PSLINE-DL, the industry's first fully automatic double-layer pocket spring production technology, can achieve ergonomic personalised curved mattress customisation, according to the human body sleeping posture pressure data to produce a gradual change of support Double-layer pocket spring bed net, meet the sleeping needs of special populations.

Box spring pad production line LR-PSLINE-BOX230/BOX4W for the production of one-piece, ultra-thin pocket spring nets without gluing and with ultra-high productivity.

LR-PSA-GLL non-glue pocket spring bed net production line, the first technology in the industry, can automatically produce various thicknesses of glue-free pocket spring bed net, subverting the traditional process, abandoning glue bonding. The bed core is four-leaf clover structure, more stable support.

Combined Pocket Spring Production Line. Various pocket spring machines and assemblers can be combined to form a production line that basically meets the requirements of 1 pocket spring assembler with 1 to 3 pocket spring machines.

4.Mattress Packing Machine Series

Automatic mattress roll-packing production line LR-KPLINE-27P, can be folded and compressed many times to roll-packing, the size of the packed mattress is smaller, which is convenient for mattress transportation, e-commerce sales and so on. Super high packing efficiency, 25-35 seconds to pack a mattress, suitable for borderless pocket spring mattress, sponge mattress, latex mattress.

Automatic mattress roll packing production line LR-KPLINE-26P, with a variety of packing methods, such as direct roll-packing, compression folding and then roll-packing, pre-compression function, etc., applicable to borderless pocket spring mattresses, sponge mattresses, latex mattresses, Bonnell spring bed nets.

Fully Automatic Foam Block Roll Packaging Machine LR-KPLINE-26H, suitable for large volume foam blocks, multi-layer pocket spring mattresses, multi-layer latex pads roll packing. Ultra-high packing thickness, maximum 1250mm thickness of foam blocks or pocket spring mattresses and latex pads, suitable for distributors' bulk deliveries as well as packing of wholesale products.

Fully automatic mattress secondary roll-packing machine LR-KPLINE-21P, secondary roll-packing, further reducing the size of the mattress, the mattress can be packed in a cubic carton, easy to put in the tailgate of the car, easy to transport and handle.

Fully automatic mattress kraft paper packing line LR-MP-55P-LINE, integrating several mattress packing processes: 1 put desiccant, instruction manual; 2 automatic packing PE film; 3 automatic cutting, packing foam cotton corner protector, put foot gloves; 4 automatic cutting, wrapping paper corner protector; 5 automatic wrapping kraft paper; 6 automatic labelling. The whole process can be completed within 35 seconds, greatly improving the overall efficiency of mattress packaging. The production line can also be used separately, separate packaging PE film or separate packaging kraft paper.

Various other mattress packing equipment: Mattress Roll-packing Machine LR-BS-S2, Upholstery Roll-packing Machine LR-PSL-15P, Bed Net Roll-packing Machine LR-PSL-20P, Foam Block Pulling & Rolling Machine LR-RP-20P, Pillow Roll-packing Machine LR-RP-ZT ,etc.


5.Composite layer bonding equipment series

Automatic Mattress Laminating Rolling & Spraying Machine LR-TA-PE

Automatic Mattress Composite Layer Roller Spraying Machine LR-TG-PE

It can fully automate the mattress lamination process, integrating roll glue and spray glue, applying AI technology to automatically correct and align, bonding firmly and reliably and saving more than 30% of glue.

6.Various intelligent production components

Based on the latest technology architecture of cloud services to build intelligent collaboration system in the field of mattress manufacturing, can provide manufacturing, intelligent factory (support batch production, production line production, intelligent scheduling, custom production and other manufacturing modes), intelligent IOT, quality management, quality traceability, intelligent logistics, equipment after-sales, remote operation and maintenance, and other control integration solutions.

Some other small equipment: AGV equipment, all kinds of turning and lifting platforms, quilting and coding equipment, production line exchange platforms and so on. Various kinds of small equipment instead of manual labour, to meet the needs of intelligent production and automated production.


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