Spring Mattress


Spring mattresses are categorized into two types based on their structure: independent pocket spring mattresses and whole network spring mattresses. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages.

1. Independent pocket spring mattresses

Individual pocket springs are formed by wrapping individual springs in non-woven bags. Each individual spring is compressed and then wrapped in a non-woven bag, then assembled into rows and the rows are glued together to form the spring units. When used in upholstery furniture, the independent barrel design prevents the springs from rubbing together and making noise. The springs inside the mattress work independently of each other to support the load and make no noise. Users can turn over, move up and down without the mattress making noise or shaking, and without disturbing the sleeper's partner.

The quality of each pocket spring depends on the steel, steel wire diameter, number of coils, cover quality, etc. You can also switch between different arrangements for different sleep sensations.

Independent pocket springs are generally classified as straight, drum type; if classified by function, they can be divided into zoned, double layer, high compression ratio, high density, non-adhesive and other types.

By controlling the wire diameter, the number of spring coils, the spring density, the arrangement, etc., and thus the degree of softness and hardness of the spring unit, almost all the advantages are combined.

Individual Pocketed Spring String Production

Spring strings joined together to form spring units

The process of traditional technology: using glue bonding, glue material, bonding process, bonding equipment, etc., directly affects the quality of the spring unit. The use of glue inevitably contains formaldehyde and other harmful volatile gases, which affects the market position of independent pocket springs. Some high-end mattresses are hand-stitched, and the cost is extremely high.

Borderless independent pocket spring mattresses can be compressed and folded & rolled package, greatly reducing the volume of the mattress, easy to transport, but also convenient for end-users to move the mattress into the home, this type of mattress also adapted to the trend of e-commerce.

In 2023, a new equipment "glue-free pocket spring mattress production equipment - LR-PSA-GLL" was introduced, which changed the traditional process, using ultra-high speed ultrasonic welding production of independent pocket spring mattress, avoiding the various problems of glue. Since then, it can be said that independent pocket spring mattresses have gathered all the advantages in one, and many scenes have been able to replace the sponge.


2. whole net spring unit

1. The whole net spring unit is subjected to force, pulling the whole body, weak resistance to interference ability, but with good support. Mainly divided into Bonnell spring, LFK Open Ended Springs(also known as Posturepedic Springs), Ergo-coil.

 2.Bonnell spring unit

A type of spring unit with a large diameter at the top and bottom, a small diameter in the middle and a long thin steel wire (string spring) at the end to connect individual Bonnell springs and secure side frames to the sides to form a complete net spring unit.

It is not particularly noticeable under light pressure, and its high elasticity and strong support are clearly visible when a heavier person is lying on it. It is suitable for making firmer and extra-firm mattresses with excellent resilience and support.

But this kind of spring unit has a big disadvantage, that is, the metal friction between the springs will produce a lot of noise, poor anti-interference, which is also a common problem of the whole net spring unit, sleeping very small movements will make the mattress sound. In the packing method, can not be used to fold or roll packing to reduce the volume of the mattress, the transportation cost is high.

Friction on metal contact surfaces

Because modern people are shallow sleepers, they prefer a quiet sleeping environment. Fewer and fewer mattress brands are now using Bonnell springs, but that doesn't mean they are inferior - it's the inferior manufacturing process that should be eliminated, not the springs themselves. At the very least, the Bonnell spring unit can provide a level of strong elastic support that no other spring unit can.


3. LFK Open Ended Springs (Posturepedic Springs)


Open ended spring is the common industry term. It is also known as a posturepedic spring. The original name for these springs was LFK open-ended springs, and Sealy bought the patent and renamed them posturepedic springs.

The whole bed net consists of individual springs connected in series, each spring opening is movable and the opening becomes larger when it is stressed in a certain place, and the size of the opening is different depending on the pressure, and the degree of subsidence is not the same.

When a person lies down, each part of the body exerts a different amount of pressure on the mattress. For example, the weight of the shoulders and hips is high, the pressure exerted on the mattress is high and the opening above the spring becomes larger; whereas the weight of the lower back is low, the pressure exerted is low and the opening of the spring is also small after the force. This creates a "wraparound" sensation, where the body's characteristics adapt to the curve.

Cons : Wears out quickly, these spring units tend to wear out faster than other mattress.\

4. ergo-coil units

The industry name is ergo-coil unit, which is a continuous spring support system that consisting of a steel wire running side-by-side to form an integral steel frame, where the wire is twisted and bent to form two up-and-down triangles. The triangles are very stable, so ergo-coil units have excellent structural stability and excellent support.

There is no doubt about the supportive nature of the Ergo Coil units, but as with Bonnell spring units, noise is inevitable due to friction between the metals at the fixed points. However, the fixed Z-shaped transverse steel wire has only one contact point at the corner of the triangle, which creates less friction in use, so compared to Bonnell spring units, the Ergo Coil unit has the strong support of the whole net spring units, while reducing the noise of the whole net spring units.

The Ergo-coil units are great for growing children,not only because they provide excellent support, but also for children who love to bounce on their mattresses. The spring units are long-lasting, structurally stable, and supportive, making them ideal for children to use as a trampoline.


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