The German exhibition's product shiping


[Exhibition Information] The German exhibition makes the equipment more efficient, more material-saving and more environmentally friendly

The new products for the German trade show have been shipped from the factory.

With the support of the company management and the cooperation of all employees, the machines are ready for the exhibition in Germany

To prevent collisions during transport, the equipment is protected and packed before loading.

The forklift driver operates the forklift skilfully and accurately to load the machines into the container

The loading area is busy and uncluttered, with staff guiding, assisting or recording information about the machines being loaded into the containers

In addition, once the machines are loaded into the container, we use special wooden boards to secure the equipment in place

The machine is placed centrally with a gap between the two sides of the container

Closing container doors and locking safety pins

The mattress machines shiping is finish.



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